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White Tea

White Tea

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Say hello to a refreshing aroma you won't soon forget - our White Tea Coconut Wax Candle! When it comes to adding an atmosphere of exotic elegance to your home, no other scent will do. Packed with exciting citrus and soothing tea leaves, this candle holds nothin' back when it comes to invigorating aromas. Plus, the hotel-inspired scent takes you back to that luxurious staycation - without ever leaving the comfort of your couch. Whether you want a romantic evening by yourself or a cozy night in with friends, this scent has got you covered! Wait until you get a whiff of top notes like white tea, Italian Bergamot and Ginger Lily, or middle notes like Neroli, Thyme and Ylang. And let's not forget bottom notes like White Musk, Tea Leaves and Teakwood - because who doesn't love a nice woody base? Get ready for one fresh home fragrance with our White Tea Coconut Wax Candle.

Top Notes:  White tea, Italian Bergamot, Ginger Lily

Middle Notes: Neroli, Thyme, Ylang

Bottom Notes:  White Musk, Tea Leaves, Teakwood

This candle is handmade in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. It contains 7oz (200g) of scented wax and arrives in a gift box with a ribbon bow.



Candle Care

-Burn candle within sight. Do not leave unattended

-On first use burn for 3-4 hours to to prevent tunneling. 

-Do NOT leave candle lit for more than 4 hours

-Keep away from children, pets, drafts and flammable objects. 

-Trim wick to 1/4 inches before every burn for even burning, minimize soot and maximize candle burn time. 

-Discontinue use when there is 1/2 inch of wax remaining

-Caution when handling, glass gets hot. 

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