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Flicker And Twinkle

Wax Melt Snap Bars

Wax Melt Snap Bars

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Our coconut blend wax melts are highly fragranced for maximum heat throw and scent duration.


Freshly Cut Herbs and Verbena- Notes of: Mint, Basil, Eucalyptus and Ginger and verbena

From Sorrento with Love- Notes of: Italian Lemon, Kalamansi Lime, Orange Blossom, Green Tea, Soft Musk

Holiday Cranberry- Notes of: Cranberry, Red Apple, Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Wood 

Maui- A tropical paradise. Notes of: Pineapple, Ginger, Mandarin Orange

Paris is June- a glamorous fragrance that is slightly sweet and feminine with white florals. Notes of Plum, Black Rose, Pink Peppercorn, Violet, Neroli, Vanilla, Patchouli, Labdanum, Blonde Woods.

Olive Branch- This is a refreshingly fruity yet earthy scent. Notes of: Peach, Pineapple, Fig, Mandarin, Jasmine, Buchu Leaves, Plum, Green Olive, Coconut, White Musk

White Chocolate Peppermint- Smooth white chocolate is brightened with soft peppermint. This smells like the best peppermint bark i've ever had from my local chocolatier.

Lavender Santal- Notes of Lavender Blooms, with hints of Ozone, Santal, Lemon Peel and White Woods. 

Peachy Keen- Notes of Peach, blood orange, vanilla and tonka

Hammock Vibes- Plumeria, Bergamot, Sea Salt, Coconut Water, Sea Moss, Musk

Warm Waffle Cone- Smells like a classic New England Ice Cream shoppe with homemade waffle cones and vanilla bean ice cream. 

Blooming Lilac- Classic and Authentic New England Fresh Lilac 

Oopsie Daisy- mandarin, ozone, jasmine, daffodil, peony, honeysuckle, baby breath,  leafy greens. Like walking into a Flower Shop

Raspberry Custard Tart- Melted Butter, Orange Zest, Candied Apple, Ripe Raspberries, Brown Sugar, Tart Berries, Creamy Custard

Smudge- Palo Santo and Sage

The Cape- Ocean Breeze, Aqua Marine, Ylang Ylang, Salty Air,  Seaweed, Driftwood

Frequently Asked Questions-

What are wax melts you ask?

Wax melts are a harder tart wax (ours is a custom blended Coconut tart blend) mixed with a higher percentage of fragrance oil.  You snap off a small piece and place it in a wax melter. At home I use the one linked below (this is not an affiliate link). Wax melts are perfect for quick fragrance fixes, just made dinner but are leaving the house in an hour so why bother lighting a candle- a wax melt is perfect. Some people with cats or small children feel more comfortable without an open flame, or perhaps your apartment complex doesn't allow an open flame. 

Where can I buy a wax melter?

Amazon, Target, Walmart, even The Dollar Store has some that can be used with a tea light.  

Here is the one I use at home (not an affliate link) -

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